The Discover Kabbalah series is the Kabbalah Centre's newest learning system designed to give you the most comprehensive Kabbalah study currently available anywhere online.

In Discover Kabbalah: Part 1 & 2 we were introduced to the main concepts of this 5000 year old wisdom and began learning how to incorporate Kabbalah into our lives. In this final chapter in the series, Discover Kabbalah: Part 3, we will discover some of the most important tools in Kabbalah, understand how to use them and how integrate to them into our daily lives. This course is where you start connecting all the pieces and really start living Kabbalah!

Some of the topics we will explore include: the influence of astrology, reincarnation, the four phases of building true desire, and much more. (To view the full syllabus click here.)

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Over the years we have seen the wisdom of Kabbalah improve the lives of our students, their families, their communities and by extension, our world. This wisdom is meant for everyone, of all backgrounds and beliefs. The Discover Kabbalah series can be your partner to leading an inspired life of lasting fulfillment and purpose.

The course includes:

8 LIVE and interactive online classes and access to recordings after each class.
Classes accessible on all computers, smartphones and mobile devices
Personalization of your study by working one-on-one with a senior Kabbalah teacher.
The "Living Kabbalah System" (LKS) audio links and digital workbook.
LKS is a step-by-step guide to help you apply what you learn in class to your life
(learn more: link).
Global Kabbalah community: connect with students worldwide.
Practical exercises, meditations and tools designed to help you deal with current challenges, and enhance the quality of your life.

Starting March 10, 2015 at 20:30 CET / Every Tuesday*

*class on April 21 will be pre-recorded

Price: 150 €

Language: English

Please register by latest 12:00 local time the day of the class so we can send you the link on time. Late registrations will receive the recording of the class within 48 hours.

For more information: / +44 2031500461 / 800 170 0517

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The Kabbalah Centre reserves the right to cancel, change the dates or the format of all classes, lectures and courses. Class recordings will be available when applicable, for 1 week after the class.

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